A Friday Introduction

Hi there, I’m Jade.

I thought I’d check in for my first ever #fridayintroductions to share a little about myself, the woman behind Vantage Design. A few things you would not know by looking at me.

I own a bull. Yep, you heard me right. 

I live on a small ranch in southwest Montana in the home my mother grew up in.

We have 17 cows whom I love and feed constantly.

I built VD up in my attic studio.

I recently moved to our garage and keep inching into more of it as I grow (meaning as my incredible fabric collection grows).

I can’t get enough of color and texture in my life. I’m inspired by beauty of all kinds.

And you will almost always find me smiling. It’s not that I don’t experience sadness or conflict now and then; it’s just that I choose to find joy in my everyday. I love my life. I love the people in it. I love creativity and the nature that surrounds us where we live. Here's a picture of me checking on a newborn calf. 

One BONUS fun fact, if you've come over from Instagram...

I really enjoy Razor riding on the weekends with my family! I like to get out and clear my head by getting up deep into the mountains and seeing all of the beauty. There is not a smell that is better than summer alpine flowers, I am convinced.  

Now, I’d love to know something about you that I wouldn’t be able to guess. What brings you joy?



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