Jade Miller - Business Owner & Product Designer 

I am in an ongoing love affair with textiles. 

After spending years in Interior Design, I knew it was time to begin designing my own line of home accents. I have never looked back. My priority is to create inspiring, luxury home goods while leaving a gentle footprint on the environment. I use only deadstock materials, the overruns left behind by manufacturers, as well as vintage goods, and am committed to sourcing labor locally. 

When I am not designing pillows, I am working on our small beef ranch in southwest Montana and wondering who needs feeding. 

Custom work, partnering with interior designers, and wholesale business is welcomed. Please use the “Contact” tab above to reach out.

Personal motto: "You can never be un-cheered by a pillow."


Our Mission

After practicing interior design for eight years, I saw the amount of textile waste in the industry. Vantage Design's mission incorporates ethical design practices. Our goal is to reduce textile landfill waste. Our design and manufacturing process has been set up to have little to zero waste.

The majority of our pillows are made using up-cycled designer fabrics. For our Army and Soldier Pillows we use recycled vintage army fabrics. And we also have access to vintage fabrics with a gorgeous patina, each fabric telling its own story. We work with local women right here in Bozeman, Montana to make every single pillow. 


Pillow Fills

Our pillow fills contain a luxurious, down-alternative polyester microfiber that has a soft and silky feel. The fibers are coated with silicone and bonded using heat and pressure. This process increases the lifespan of the fiber, ensuring a washable and long-lasting pillow. 

Our inserts perform like pure down, but are more cost effective and hypoallergenic. They have been proven to be the best down-alternative product available. 

All pillow fills are made in the USA.