A New Collection Inspired by a Welcome Change

In Montana, the post-summer, ever-so-slight drop in temperature usually takes place in September. Well, this year, late August brought a much-needed dip into the 50s at night. The summer was stifling, smoky from the fires, and we were dying for relief. 

As soon as the heatwave broke, I was ready for the season to shift. I want warm cups of coffee and soft, inviting living spaces to reflect the change. It wasn't only the weather from which we needed relief. It was the emotional gravity of this past year, going on two. The weight of grief and anxiety called for a move towards comfort, self-soothing.

All these concepts went into the Fall 2021 Collection that came out this past Monday. You'll see deeper, warmer hues with our luxury throw pillows beckoning you to remember that change is good. 

Look around your showroom or your family room. Where could you use comfort, inspiration, and relief? 

We had so many new decorative throw pillows in the new line, there are too many to post. Check out the shop here for access to them all. 

Because we use only upcycled materials in creating our decorative pillows, they are made in limited quantities. If you see something you like, don't hesitate to grab it. Once designs sell out, it typically means it is no longer available because there was a fixed amount of that fabric. This is especially true of our vintage decor. 

Perhaps my favorite part of this collection is the large selection of vintage military surplus designs. Though there are several available, each pillow is one-of-a-kind with unique markings and wear. 

Each piece truly tells a story. 


What story is being told in your home or your showroom? 

Do you need some input in knowing how to assemble a new story for the new season? I'd love to help.

- Jade Miller

Owner and Creator of Vantage Design

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  • I was recently introduced to your line while redecorating my living room. It’s important for me to support Made in the USA and companies just like yours. My local, family-owned furniture store carries your product. The designer I was working with brought over 2 gigantic bags of pillows and we mixed & matched until the look was perfect. I’m now the proud owner of five gorgeous Vantage Designs creations! Call me crazy, but I’m somehow feeling obsessed and asking myself…can one actually have too many accent pillows? I. Want. More. Lol
    Beautiful work, and I love your story, business model and commitment to excellence. I’ll be stalking your website on the regular and finding more nooks and crannies in my home to freshen up with a touch of your textile art. Thank you!

    Gina Pedrick

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