Finding Balance

This week, September 22nd, is autumnal equinox, or the first day of fall. It's called an equinox because the day is equally daylight and night. Along with vernal equinox, which happens in late March, these days remind us to create balance in our lives. 



I love to draw inspiration from nature and seasons into living spaces, and I appreciate how these designers has used accessories to bring texture and balance into cozy living spaces.  

Don't assume that balance means symmetry. 

Sometimes, creating balance in a room means using an eye-catching Vantage Design luxury pillow or two to offset a lamp or stack of colorful books near the opposite end of the couch. 



Once again, gone are the long summer days that stretch into warm evenings; the shadows will lengthen earlier, the temperatures will drop, the leaves will carpet the sidewalks.

This view looking over Grand Teton National Park, just four hours from our Vantage Design studio, captures the beauty of the season so well.  




Use all of this beauty to inspire your creativity indoors.

Our Fall 2021 Collection is a great place to start. 

Now, go crunch some leaves.

- Jade Miller

Designer and owner of Vantage Design

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