October Eye Candy

I thought we needed a grown-up version of trick-or-treating. Instead of a bunch of sugar (exactly what none of us needs after being quarantined for a year), I'm handing out some visual treats for you today, calorie-free. 



Our lastest luxury throw pillow designs in the shop now have been the result of an autumnal feast of inspiration. As I design these days, I'm leaning toward a warmer stack of fabrics, cozy threads, comforting softness. 



As the days get shorter, I'm drawn to a little more drama for our living spaces. And I can't seem to get over the beautifully detailed embroidery on our feather pillow designs. We keep selling out, but I keep making more. We have them in several shapes and sizes. 



Deeper colors. Inviting textures. Contrasting tones. This is what fall feels like in the workshop these days. I'm loving this nubby neutral paired with leather.



I'm currently in Boston, seeing customers and collecting inspiration all over the place. Next week, I'll share about the trip and show you some beauty I found. I hope you're enjoying the chill in the air and finding your favorite chair to sit and think. Change is a good thing. 

Embrace it. 

- Jade

Owner & Designer, Vantage Designs


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